Christmas is Coming

Since it is December 1st I decided to remind everyone that Christmas season is in full swing! Do not get discouraged by all the extra things that we try to add into this part of the year just enjoy yourselves.

We have all of our decorating done (not to boast). It has been so relaxing to sit in the dark and look at our tree or watch Christmas specials with our boys. It has been fun this year to look past all those things and find ways to help our boys to better understand this time of year and all that it stands for.

We are starting family traditions with our little family and that is an amazing thing to experience.


Thankful Thoughts!

I saw this idea elsewhere (Thanks Becky!) and thought that it was a great idea. We also had a great Thanksgiving sermon and this seems appropriate. There are so many amazing things to be thankful for and I need to remember to do this all year round, so you may see more blog posts like this throughout this year.

1). For those of you who don't know I have had some problems with my Thyroid this year and I am thankful that it is nothing serious.

2). I am thankful for James my oldest son who is smart beyond his years. He told me a few months ago to make sure that I told his Birth mom (Lisa) Thank you, for letting me take him home. (yes he is only 4 but he understands that there are not enough times thank I can tell Lisa thank you for that).

3). For Ezra I am so thankful because at this time 3 years ago he showed up 6 weeks early and was in the NICU for 10 days and now you would never know. God got us through that time and has found a way to make it all seem like a distant memory.

4). Noah my sweetest surprise. He is going to be a pill but he is more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined.

5). My husband! He is absolutely my rock and I have needed him more than I could have ever known.

6). God's provisions!!!!!! They are too numerous to count but they never fail to come through at the perfect time.

This is just a small sampling of the many many blessings in my life and I hope that I can remember to reflect on them more often.


I've been tagged

So I am supposed to tell you 7 little known facts about me. Angie tagged me and I figured that since I hadn't posted in awhile now is the time.

1) I love to play games of any kind (computer games, crossword puzzles board games etc.).

2) I was born in Henderson Texas. At the time it was a town of about 10,000 in East Texas. It is the reason that still to this day I am a Dallas Cowboys Fan. When I was Little I even Wanted to be A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Boy am I glad that our aspirations change as we grow up).

3) My other Life goal when I was 5 was to be a Taco Bell Drive Thru person (refer back to the above point about aspirations).

4) I love the Movie 10 Things I Hate About You! It is Junior High humor but I still laugh every time I watch it.

5) I love to bake! It is a bad thing to love because when I get bored I love to make cookies or scones or any kind of dessert.

6) I had a crush on my husband in High School and he didn't know about it until much later. I always thought that he was out of my league but Oh how the mighty have fallen....LOL.

7) I am doing what used to dream of doing. I get to stay at home with my boys, and although most days are not how I pictured being a mom in my head, I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

Now I have to Tag other Bloggers the Problem is that I know very few people who blog so here is my one Tag.



I am starting a new venture.

I have decided to help out our new church. We are at First Free Methodist Church in Spokane and I will be helping them jump start a new kids program. Please pray for me that I will be able to juggle this in addition to my duties as a mom. James will be starting Preschool in September so I am hoping that will free up some time to work on this new project. I want to help this small church reach out and this seems like a great way to help.

Found a site with cute stuff for school

Here is a site and it had a list of back to school stuff.Cool Mom Picks Back to School Guide. Go take a look!


I have been Bad!

Sorry here is my first blog entry since we have been back in Spokane. We are all settled in to our new house and can't wait to start having our frinds over.
We had a birthday party a couple weeks ago for Noah who turned one on the 11th .
James also had a birthday this moth he turned 4. He got a new bike and here he is proudly wearing his new helmet and knee pads.
We are thankful to be back closer to our family and we have had an offer made on our house in La Grande so we are praying that everything goes off without a hitch. God has generously blessed us.



Please pray for us as we are getting ready to move again. Jay got an incredible job opportunity in Spokane and we are going to be moving back. We are in the process of figuring out the timing of everything and we will need lots of prayer as we plan this very stressful event. We are very happy to becoming back to Spokane with all our family and friends.

My sister Kara and her friend Morgan came to visit this weekend it was great to have them and we had a blast. We went to Joseph OR and Lake Wallowa both beautiful places. If you ever get a chance to visit them you should. Here is a couple pictures.


What is the reason for this post?

Well I woke up this morning and couldn't believe my eyes. Now we all know that the date today is June 10th and that means warm air the glowing sun. Playing outside in shorts and drinking lemonade are more summer past times. Not today this is our weather this morning....


I haven't gotten much work done!

Here are some more things that I did with Elements. I am having way to much fun embellishing photos.I hope to start digital Scrapbooking.


Yeah! I got my Photoshop Elements 6 to work

So I finally got my birthday present to work! I did some different photo touch ups. Here is my latest two projects.....

I cant wait to start making cards and maybe even some Scrapbook pages of my own.


More Time Outside

My In-laws came for a visit this weekend. We always have fun and manage to get a lot done while they are here. Jay and Cj put in a new path in the front of our house. I love it! Andrea and I went to the local Farmers Market and that was a big disappointment although I did get some Tomato plants we will see if I am able to grow veggies. The boys played and played and played outside in the beautiful 80 degree weather. Here are some pictures.


A New Look

I updated the look of my blog. Tell me what you think. The link for the blog that made the template is posted below in my web links.

Play Ground

I realized how big my boys are getting last weekend when we were at the play ground. They ran to the toys and didn't need my help for anything except pushing them on the swings. I just sat a watched them play and make friends with other little kids. It was such a bittersweet moment to see how independent they are and at the same time they are still my babies.



Sorry that it has been so long since my last post but our internet has been having issues. We are back up and running again.

So what is new here? Not a whole lot we got some great weather over the weekend so we did lots of work in the yard to get it ready for spring and summer.

My dad and sisters just went to Paris to visit family and we were looking at pictures and James saw the pic of the Eiffel tower and asked if we could go there. Little does he know that some day we do hope to go there, but a trip to France is not just a quick little jaunt.


April showers bring May flowers????????????????

Not this kind of showers. We woke up to this. I hope Spring shows up soon cause this is crazy. I have never seen snow this late in the year, let alone 2 to 3 inches. I knew this was coming but I was holding out hope that the meteorologists were wrong.


Outside Fun

Yesterday afternoon was amazing here. The boys played out side an enjoyed themselves tremendously. Here are some Pics.

Here is Noah in his Mohawk after his bath. Courtesy of Dad.


Spokane Trip

We just got back from a quick trip to Spokane for my Grandpa's 70th birthday. It was a very full weekend but it is always so good to see family and to get a break from the routine. The weather in Spokane was spectacular this weekend it gave us all a taste of summer and I love summertime it never comes fast enough or stays long enough for my taste. Now the weather is cold again and I want to send the boys outside but it is raining.


Totally cool Website

I have this website that I love to go to. They have really cool giveaways and new items that are on the market for moms and kids. They are trying to spread the word so check them out Cool Mom Picks. They are having a great Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide Check it out.


Back from Boise

We had a good time this weekend in the lovely city of Boise. The weather was pretty awesome for this time of the year. We did a lot of shopping and eating at great restaurants. The highlight of the trip for the boys was the zoo, James told me this morning that his favorite animal was the crabs (????). I have yet to figure out what part was Ezra's favorite I would venture to say it might have been the monkeys.  We also went to visit our good friends Garth and Florence which the kids always love because they have sheep, a cow, a horse and five dogs. The boys made some fun memories and these are just a few of the pictures that we took.


A book I just read

My Hands Came Away Red
So this is an amazing new book I read. It is about a group of kids on a mission trip that have an adventure in Indonesia it is loosely based on true events. So I am posting this to link up with a Book Blog Carnival with Becky


Welcome into our life

Welcome to my blog a glimpse into my life. I started doing this because a friend of mine thought it would be fun for me (thanks Angie).

Well I am getting ready for my mom and little sister to come for a visit. We are taking the boys to Boise for a Spring Break Vacation. It will be interesting to spend 4 days away from home and our schedule, I hope the boys will have fun and we will create some fun memories. Things like this are always a learning experience for us. Life with kids tends to get pretty routine around here so a break always shakes things up.

The kids are starting to get really tired of being cooped up so I hope that we can start getting some spring like weather and get outside more (the snow is wearing on my nerves). I am a total Heliotrope so I would love to start getting some sunshine myself.