I haven't gotten much work done!

Here are some more things that I did with Elements. I am having way to much fun embellishing photos.I hope to start digital Scrapbooking.


Yeah! I got my Photoshop Elements 6 to work

So I finally got my birthday present to work! I did some different photo touch ups. Here is my latest two projects.....

I cant wait to start making cards and maybe even some Scrapbook pages of my own.


More Time Outside

My In-laws came for a visit this weekend. We always have fun and manage to get a lot done while they are here. Jay and Cj put in a new path in the front of our house. I love it! Andrea and I went to the local Farmers Market and that was a big disappointment although I did get some Tomato plants we will see if I am able to grow veggies. The boys played and played and played outside in the beautiful 80 degree weather. Here are some pictures.


A New Look

I updated the look of my blog. Tell me what you think. The link for the blog that made the template is posted below in my web links.

Play Ground

I realized how big my boys are getting last weekend when we were at the play ground. They ran to the toys and didn't need my help for anything except pushing them on the swings. I just sat a watched them play and make friends with other little kids. It was such a bittersweet moment to see how independent they are and at the same time they are still my babies.