Sorry that it has been so long since my last post but our internet has been having issues. We are back up and running again.

So what is new here? Not a whole lot we got some great weather over the weekend so we did lots of work in the yard to get it ready for spring and summer.

My dad and sisters just went to Paris to visit family and we were looking at pictures and James saw the pic of the Eiffel tower and asked if we could go there. Little does he know that some day we do hope to go there, but a trip to France is not just a quick little jaunt.


April showers bring May flowers????????????????

Not this kind of showers. We woke up to this. I hope Spring shows up soon cause this is crazy. I have never seen snow this late in the year, let alone 2 to 3 inches. I knew this was coming but I was holding out hope that the meteorologists were wrong.


Outside Fun

Yesterday afternoon was amazing here. The boys played out side an enjoyed themselves tremendously. Here are some Pics.

Here is Noah in his Mohawk after his bath. Courtesy of Dad.


Spokane Trip

We just got back from a quick trip to Spokane for my Grandpa's 70th birthday. It was a very full weekend but it is always so good to see family and to get a break from the routine. The weather in Spokane was spectacular this weekend it gave us all a taste of summer and I love summertime it never comes fast enough or stays long enough for my taste. Now the weather is cold again and I want to send the boys outside but it is raining.


Totally cool Website

I have this website that I love to go to. They have really cool giveaways and new items that are on the market for moms and kids. They are trying to spread the word so check them out Cool Mom Picks. They are having a great Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide Check it out.


Back from Boise

We had a good time this weekend in the lovely city of Boise. The weather was pretty awesome for this time of the year. We did a lot of shopping and eating at great restaurants. The highlight of the trip for the boys was the zoo, James told me this morning that his favorite animal was the crabs (????). I have yet to figure out what part was Ezra's favorite I would venture to say it might have been the monkeys.  We also went to visit our good friends Garth and Florence which the kids always love because they have sheep, a cow, a horse and five dogs. The boys made some fun memories and these are just a few of the pictures that we took.


A book I just read

My Hands Came Away Red
So this is an amazing new book I read. It is about a group of kids on a mission trip that have an adventure in Indonesia it is loosely based on true events. So I am posting this to link up with a Book Blog Carnival with Becky